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Dolphins are carnivorous mammals that live in water. There are approximately 40 species of this intelligent animal and they change a lot in size. The smallest one can weigh only 40 Kg and may grow to have a length of just 4 feet. The largest one may weigh 10 tons and will have a span of 30 feet. Distributed globally, they feed on fish and squid most often. They normally inhabit the shallow seas of continental shelves.

It is well-known that dolphins are very intelligent animals. They are closely associated with human culture. It’s thought that these mammals were originally terrestrial animals and their ancestors have begun living in water around 50 million years ago. When analyzing the skeletons of these animals it is evident that they have remnants of limbs. In one of the animals captured by a group of Japanese scientists in 2008, they’ve observed clearly defined limbs.

If you observe dolphins you will notice they have a body shape that’s suitable for swimming. They get the power to swim with the tail fins. The directional control is done through the whole tail. Those with a dorsal fin use it for stabilization during swimming.

Additionally, there are patches and lines of different colours in some of them.

The brains of dolphins are complex and large. Some species of these animals have around 250 teeth. These animals have a mechanism to heal wounds quickly. Even a deep wound will heal quickly and infection is something that has never been seen together. It has been discovered that these mammals develop type II diabetes. Research is being carried out on the subject in order to assist both people and dolphins.

Dolphins have very good eyesight and hearing. Though they have very small openings for ears they’re able to hear sounds which humans can’t hear. Their vision is also great both in and out of water. They are able to sense the size and the distance to an object with these perceptions very easily and accurately. This is because due to suspended matter there’s very little light falling on where it lives.

Dolphins are mammals however they live in water. They are intriguing animals that have good eyesight and hearing capabilities. They are close to human civilization also.

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